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Counsel With Prayer
Posted 2008-07-30 by Admin

Several years ago a couple came by my office for marriage counseling. Now I will admit, I love to pastor the church and enjoy all the activities that go along with it. But when it comes to marriage counseling I'd rather be fishing. Because most of the time a pastor can sure find himself in a no-win situation. Both individuals think the pastor s

Online Matrimonial survery
Posted 2008-07-30 by Admin

The most popular activity on the Internet among 12 million urban users in India, says a study by research firm Juxt Consult. Dating/friendship sites are the 10th most popular pastime. E-mail, job search and instant messaging are the top three activities on the Net, in that order, says the study.

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Etiquettes for Online Matrimonial Search by
Posted 2008-07-30 by Admin

A first impression is the last impression and that's exactly what your profile does. A carefully created profile, free from silly mistakes can do wonders for you. So, make a profile that is a smooth blend of your own and your family's details. Mention true and accurate demographic information like your age, mari

Matrimony and Maundy
Posted 2008-07-31 by Admin

One major reason for the family problems is the power struggle between husband and wife. In this article, we will discuss about the message Lord Jesus Christ is sharing with us. On the Maundy Thursday, Jesus, the King of Kings, became a servant and washed the feet of his disciples.

The Fundamentals of Christian Marriage
Posted 2009-02-08 by Admin

Christian marriage fundamentals can be a complicated ideology to understand, but it is important to take a look at the role that Biblical text has in discovering what marriage can mean to a Christian couple.

According to the first book in the Bible, marriage was ordained and set up by God as a union between a man and a woman. There is a lot of debate on

Life is full of Choices…
Posted 2009-03-29 by Admin

John 20: 1- 18

Life is full of choices, whether your choices are good or bad, you face the consequences accordingly. Here in this passage, we can see the choices that Mary Magdalene made that promoted her to from ordinary Mary to first Gospel carrier Mary.


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